How to Do Dramatic Eye Makeup?

You can make your eyes more prominent and beautiful by adopting a popular trend known as dramatic eye makeup. Dramatic eye makeup suits to everyone whenever going for night out.

Strong shades from gel shadows are wonderful for a dramatic eye look. These strong shades include black, red, purple, green and blue. Spread these colors using the brushes over your eyes and blend them. You can make amazing combinations of colors using your own skills and understanding of colors. You must choose out the proper contrast of the colors that will make your look dynamic.

Eye shadows in division form:

The way you apply the eye shadows is also very important. Mostly people use the technique of dividing the eye lid in two equal parts and fill it with different but perfectly contrasting colors. From the crease of the eye put another color to make it more beautiful. It will become a more beautiful merged color eye makeup. Now take a light shinning color like white, silver, gray etc apply it on the eyebrows bone as a high lighter this will make your look complete and stylish.

Eye shadows in layers:

The other way to apply the eye makeup is to make layers of different colors from eyelid to the brow bone in an attractive and beautiful way. The colors you choose play the most important role. What and how to apply these colors is to be considered. One idea comes to my mind whenever someone talks about dramatic eye makeup. Fill the metallic green from the eyelid to the crease of the eye. Then apply some blackish or grayish color in layer above it. After this take white shimmery color and spread in the form of the feather. This will make your eyes to look dynamically beautiful.

Shades on lower lid:

Apply the eye shadow on the lower lid as well. Take a small amount of the eye shadow and spread it properly on the lower lid starting from the corner of the eye. This is a popular technique to make the look dramatic. When you apply the shade, you should take care that the eye shadows should not fall under the eyes. If it happens then clean the shades properly by using a wet cotton pad or a tissue paper. Don’t forget to apply the concealer under eyes this will hide your dark circles.

Eye liner and black pencil:

Apply the eyeliner on the eyes. You can use black liquid eyeliner or milky black pencil. Apply the liner in such a way that it starts from the upper lid corner and ends at the left corner. Move the pencil left and right, such that there should be no spaces or blanks in this line. If so then fill it properly. Apply mascara on the upper eyelashes as well as lower lashes to make the eyelashes prominent and attractive. Take out kajal pencil or black pencil on the lower lid. This will make the entire look stunning. To make your look more dramatic and glamorous you can use false eyelashes. People mostly having very small eyelashes use false eyelashes, this will make their eyelashes prominent and big enough.

Light lipsticks:

The dramatic eye makeup may include Smokey Eyes, Cat Eye Makeup, Kohl Eye Makeup, Sleepy Bedroom Eyes etc. Lipstick also plays an important role in the overall face look. Take out the mate shades of lipstick and apply the light amount of this mate shades on your lips. Do not used very much bright and dark colors as it will distract your look.


Make Up Tips to Make Your Eyes Stand Out

Make Up Tips for Eye

Every one love eye makeup that makes their eyes stands out. I am familiar with this as I do. For this reason, I am constantly having a look on new and latest tips to make my eyes stand out. Here I put a list of all makeup tips that I try and results of them were amazing.

Eye shadow for blue eyes:

As blue eyes are already very beautiful, one should be conscious with shades. The shades you apply should bring out the beauty of blue color of eyes. Best working shades for blue-eyed people is brown, beige and silver along with deep blue mascara.

Eye shadows for green eyes:

You can make green eyes to be look out standing by applying purple, blue, sliver and pink. As make artists emphasis on these colors.

Eyes make for small eyes:

Smaller eyes do not get much attention, so it is the job of makeup artist to decorate them in such a way that they appear to be bigger and beautiful. One of the simple make up tips is a new way of applying the liner. Line your upper lash line from the midpoint of your eye to the outer edge. You can also bring it out a little bit more.  Repeat the same technique on lower lash line a quarter ways in. This simple new way of applying the eye liner will make your eye appears to be big enough.

Dull eyes:

If your eyes appear to be dull then make them brighten by applying a little peach or beige liner along the bottom rim from corner to corner.

Cured lashes:

Eyelashes curler will make your eyes dramatic and exclusive. People having straight and point down lashes should use this technique as this will open up their eyes.

Black mascara:

Mascara is the key element of the overall makeup. Without mascara all techniques of makeup are useless. As it give shape to your eyelashes and make them prominent. It changes the entire look of your face from boring to vivacious.

White eye shadow:

Apply the white shade on the corner of your eyes near the tear duct; this trick will make your eyes bright and big. A small quantity of white can make a huge difference.

High lighter:

Apply the highlighter on the outer corner, inner corner as well as on the brow bone. A simple white, silver or gray color will change your entire look without any effort.

Unruly eyebrows:

Eye brows are also counted as an important aspect of eye makeup.  Eye brows with no proper shape can draw attention away from your eyes.

Deep eyes:

If you have deep set eyes, then utilize a shimmery shadow in the shade appropriate for your eye color. The glitters and gleam will draw your eyes out more.

Neutral lip color:

One should not try to make both eyes and lips stunning as it will be too much drama for one face. If you have proper eye makeup then apply a lip gloss of neutral color.

Dark circles:

Use concealers on dark circles and blend it properly. We desire that people should observe your eyes for good reasons, not for the reason that you have bags and look like you haven’t slept in days.

Black eye liner:

Use of black eyeliner around your entire eyes will attract attention of others. But it may makes your eyes appear to be very small. One should take care while applying it. Black eye liner with fake lashes looks gorgeous for night out or special event. Use of fake eyelashes is another one of the stunning makeup tips.


New Makeup Ideas for Big Eyes

New Eye Makeup Ideas

Big eyes are one of the most attractive eyes in the world and the right choice of make up for the big eyes is not an easy job. As the choice of eye shadows and its contrast is essential. Eye shadow contrast that suits to small-eyed girl may or may not suits to the big-eyed girl.  Shapes of the eyes also play an important role in makeup. Here are some new makeup ideas for big eyes, which will make your eyes attractive and stunning.

Shiny and shimmery eye shadows:

Shines highlights the overall eye makeup and draw the attraction of every one towards your eyes. One of the top make up ideas that comes to any one mind is the shimmery shadows that make your eye stand out! Just add a small amount of glitter or shine in your shadows. Eye shadows with shimmers are now easily available at market. One can go to the market and purchase them. Make use of these shimmery eyes on bulging eyes in night parties and functions.

Bottom eye lashes with mascara:

In order to make the big eyes more attractive, you should apply the mascara on the bottom eye lashes. Mascara makes your eye lashes in shape and visible. This trick will make the eye lashes to stand out, in turn allows the eyes to sand out! While applying the mascara on the bottom eye lashes, you should take care as you do not want to have spider lashes and bottom lashes can do that.

Use of white eye shadows:

White color eye shadow is unique and is an awesome way to high light those beautiful big eyes. If you do not like to apply the white color on the overall lid then you can also use it on the corner of your eyes. The use of white color will high lights your eyes and gives them a different look.

Use of high lighter on the brow bone:

Silver’s and gray color are use to high light your brow bone. A white eye shadow can also be used as high lighter. Take a small amount of shadow on brush and apply it on the eye bone under your eye brow, by moving the brush from start to end. It will make your eyes shiny and attractive. Another color that works stunning in this place is a pale color, this will make you crazy.

Manicured eye brows:

One should maintain the shape of eye brows neat and clean shape. As the big eyes will draw the attraction of every one towards your eyes first, so it is important to make the brows in line. Improperly managed eye brows have a negative impact on your personality.


Another very important aspect of makeup is blending. People having dark circle should blend the concealer properly in their eyes. One should blend the eye shadows properly in order to give a complete and proper look. High lighters should be properly merged with eye makeup. If you do not blend all the things properly then your eye makeup may look demolish or rough.

Curls the eyelashes:

One of the last make up ideas is to curl your eyes. yes it is possible as using aye curler. Eye curlers are easily available at market. Anyone can go and purchase the curler and get benefit from it. It is a handy tool and makes your eye lashes super curly and gives them a great look. Big-eyed people with prominent eye lashes look beautiful and charming. Make use of curler whenever you go for some hang out.


What are the Best Eye Makeup tips for Brown Eyes?

Make Up Tips for Brown Eyes

Eye makeup is easy but crucial; because every person has its own eye color and eye shape as well. The things that suits one person, may or may not suits the other person. So one should choose a right color scheme and implement according to the shape of its eyes.  The choice of eye shadow also depends on your skin tone. A person having dark and black skin should apply the blackish and dark color but not very bright. On the other hand the people with white skin tone should apply the metallic and pink shades. Here we are will discuss some make up tips for brown eyes.

As color of eyes also play an important role. You should apply the colors that bring out the beauty of your brown eyes. However the brown color of eyes can go with most of the eye shadows, brown color is not very difficult to manage with eye shadows as the compared to the people having green and blue color of eyes.

Well said by a beauty expert Nina Sutton that “brown eyes are the one color that most eyes shadow colors work well on”. Use of black and brown eye liner is best for brown eyes. You can apply black color in the day time and black color at night.

Dark brown eyes:

People having deep or dark brown shades of their eyes, should try the medium to dark eye shadows. They should not apply very light colors. Try to put on plum, forest, green or charcoal gray on your eyes as these shades will make the eyes beautiful and attractive.

You should apply the high lighter on the inside corner of your eyes.  You can apply it on the brow bone as well as the outer side of your eye. This will make your eye makeup cool and eye-catching. Apply eye liner of light colors on your eyes. Try brown and mauves color on your eyes. Making your eyes with gold and bronze is a best make up tips for brown eyes.

Black-brown eyes

It is said by Nina, a beauty expert:”Medium to light brown eyes can try green, violet or bronze colored eye shadows”.  People having dark-brown eyes should try purple and green colors as it work well for them in day time.  You can also merge neutral color eye shadows with metallic eye linear for evening. Cobalt blue color also suits to the people having black- brown eyes.

Light- brown eyes

Use of dark brown eye liner makes the light-brown eyes dramatic. Avoid the use of black eye liner. One should apply the neutral shade of shadow in the lid and the darker color in the crease and then line your eyes with gold or green to reflect the flecks of color in your iris .You should try Champagne tones with violet, bronze or brown liner, If your eyes color is very light,

Blend up!

Dark eye shadows can reduce the beauty of brown eyes. So you should avoid using dark eye makeup.

You should blend the dark brown eyeliner with the light eye shadows to make your eyes bright and big. It will take out the beauty of brown color present in your eyes. Brown-eyed ladies are suggested to use metallic silver shadow on the lid paired with metallic plum eyeliner along the bottom lash line. This trick of using make up will give them a fabulous and unique look in evening. The following make up tips for brown eyes will add another charm and signify your personality.


What are the Makeup Tips For Blue Eyes?

Makeup Tips for Blue Eyes

Eye makeup is the most important part of the human personality. By maintaining it properly with eye shadows, eye liner and mascara we can make it bright and beautiful. The purpose of makeup is to enhance the beauty of your eyes and make them prominent and attractive. This is possible only when you choose right color and make up according to the color of your eyes. As the wrong choice of color can make you fashion disaster. Here we will discuss some best make up tips for blue eyes. Whenever you are going on some special occasion you should follow these simple make tips.

Choose the right eye shadow:

People having blue eyes should stick to the eye shadows in brown, rose, terracotta and neutral shades while working in office. The use of purple eye shadow proves to be best for blue eyes as it highlight the blue color of their eyes. A deep purple color is suggested to apply in evening functions. Day time you should apply the brown and neutral shades. The metallic eye shades can make the blue eyes dramatic and full of charm. Blue-eyed women can try the golden and silver metallic eye shadows at special night part. This will make them prominent and attractive in the whole party.

Smokey eye makeup for blue eyes:

Smokey eye makeup for blue eyes should be done with charcoal gray or purple eye shadow. Apply dark blue mascara on your eyes, while apply a shimmery eye liner on the eye lids. This gives you a beautiful look. You should try this tip at home. People with blue eyes should choose dark blue, gray, silver, violet or lavender colors as this dark color will bring out the natural blue tones in your eyes. Blue mascara smudged with charcoal eye liner works best in night functions. You should not apply typical black and brown shades of eye liner and mascara as the use of navy or dark blue color is one of the best makeup tips for blue eyes.

Cat or winged shape eye liner:

Eye liner is used to high light the upper lid, what you have to do is to make the eye liner a little bit winged shape, as this will put all the focus towards the baby blue color of your eyes. This technique of applying the eyeliner is adopted commonly as it looks terrific in each and every shade. The color of eye liner can be range from black to orange. You can apply orange eyeliner as well to get a unique and dramatic look. Green, blue, mustard eye liner with shines adds a compliment to your make over. You should apply a thick liner to make it more prominent, as the thicker eye liner also have a great impact.

Apply mate lipsticks:

Lipsticks add its charm to the makeup. The right choice of lipstick color according to the eye makeup is also very important as it can make you look gorgeous and can spoil your entire look as well.

People with blue eyes should try to get the attraction of others towards the beauty of their eyes. They should not apply very bright and reddish lipsticks as you already cover their eyes with proper make up. It will distract your over all look. You should apply mate shades of lip sticks that should be in peach, brown or pale pink. The mate orange color will make your lips appealing and makes your personality. To apply the light shades of lipsticks is one of the important makeup tips for blue eyes.